Seriphina Book 4 Regency Series


Regency Series: Cinderella Stories with a twist

Seriphina (Book 4) 2 Short Stories


A dying father. An endangered sweathart. A choice between two evils.

A leacher is intent on having Seriphina as his own. Tom wants to wed her. Is Seriphina safe with her parents while he races his wastrel brother to his father’s deathbed? Or will they sell her to the bastard for a price before Tom can return with the money to save her?


An orphan caught in a scandal. A sort-of fairy godmother. Who is that man?

A poor relation, all Mellie wants is a pretty dress for her birthday. When she arrives at her cousins' come-out ball, they object, ripping her gown to shreds. Her dress ruined, she flees in tears to a dark garden. Then a handsome stranger steps out of the shadows and helps her pin her torn dress together.

He teaches her the steps to the waltz---but they are caught dancing in the moonlight by the town’s worse gossips. She faces certain ruin, unless... Can he save her? And who is that woman giggling in the carriage?

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