Giselle Book 3 Regency Series


Regency Series: Cinderella Stories with a twist

Giselle (Book 3) Novella

Five daughters need husbands. One "Eligible Earl." Who will win?

Three attempts to get his girls married fail when the men find they prefer the foundling daughter of the house. With two more wealthy, eligible men moving into the abbey, his wife, niece, and eldest daughter desperate, and his brother-in-law threatening to reduce his living, what’s a vicar to do? Get rid of the foundling.

Faced with the news that she is a bastard and no longer wanted, Giselle flees into a night storm. Struck in the dark by a carriage, she is rescued by handsome strangers and taken straight to—the abbey.

While she struggles to recover from the accident, reach a coaching inn, and leave to find work in London, her hosts have developed other ideas about her future. So have her former relatives. But no one had warned then warned about the arrival of Cassandra.

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