Forbidden Book 1 Regency Series


Regency Series: Cinderella Stories with a twist

Forbidden (Book 1) Novella

She's penniless. He can't find his fortune. Can they find love in this chaos?

Young women were forbidden to leave the house without a maid. They were forbidden to ride
the mail coach all by themselves. They were forbidden to call upon any gentleman in his home.

Annabelle Mayhew, recently made into a penniless orphan, knew all these things and more.
She had deliberately broken the rules.

Joseph Waring, the brand new Lord Canfield, was having a devilish time sorting out his misplaced, very considerable inheritance, one that made him prey to every husband-hunting momma in the ton. Women with minds like accountants with the determination of field generals. Young ladies flopped on his front steps on a regular basis. Now, one was flopped on the rug in his library.  

She was claiming to be his uncle’s goddaughter. His uncle had had a thing for pretty maids.
He had collected them. Had his uncle also collected goddaughters? Where in blazes had the dotty old man hid his money?

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