Close Escape Book 2 Regency Series


Regency Series: Cinderella Stories with a twist

Close Escape (Book 2) Novella

She's fleeing assault. He's fleeing a forced marriage. Can they save each other?

Lady Mary Tillinger had been a poor relation since the death of her parents. When she rebuffs a cousin's unwanted attention, she's thrown out of the house, right into a blizzard. She makes a desperate run down the road, hoping to find a barn, a hut, or a cottage to take her in.

Lord Conifer had escaped a compromising entrapment set up by avaricious relatives and was fleeing them, and his perspective bride, in an open curricle in a snow storm with a tired team, when he tripped over the freezing snow-covered bundle that was Mary. Lady Mary. He has to risk being compromised to help her. He has no choice. Now it was up to him to get the lady, his horses, and himself to life-saving shelter. 

When he finds she's an heiress with no wish for a forced marriage, he finds his heart can't let her go. Would she take her newfound annuity and flee to her own cottage? Or would she consent to have him at last, rascally relatives and all? 

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